Do you bleed espresso? Do words like extraction, pressure, and thermal stability make your heart rate rise? Does being part of a highly trained and motivated team that works through customer queues with military precision and courteous smiles appeal to you? If so you may have found your niche. Kookaburra Baristas are the vanguard of the Kookaburra experience, and as such possess a wide array of skills ranging from espresso, coffee and tea preparation to customer service and queue management. The vetting process for our Barista position is tough, and the training is extensive, but if you’re passionate about coffee and customer service this is the position for you.


Part scientist, part magician, maker of all things baked and delicious. Kookaburra Bakers prepare, mix and bake the ingredients that morph into our daily baked goods offering. This position is located at our US 1 and 312 location. It is a fast paced and challenging commercial kitchen setting so an upbeat positive attitude and a willingness to work hard is a must. 

We want coming to the Kookaburra to be a welcoming experience for our customers and a time of growth for our staff. That’s why we focus on hiring for long-term employment. 

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