About Us

We are an Aussie-American espresso bar and pie shop based in Saint Augustine, Florida. We pride ourselves on serving masterfully crafted products that are ethically sourced and expertly roasted.  We blend our love of coffee with a passion for serving our community, all with a smile. Come and see what the buzz is about!



The original Kookaburra opened its doors in 2012 at Cathedral Place in downtown St. Augustine. The concept was born out of family and community experiences and a desire to meld the best coffee and baked goods imaginable with world class service. The 420 square foot shop quickly became a community hub, and allowed the expansion into our larger US 1 and SR 312 shop in 2014. The efforts of our incredible staff and the support of our loyal customers made possible the opening of our third location at St. Augustine Beach, followed by The Kookaburra Roastery at the St. Augustine Shipyard. What we are today is the direct result of the wonderful people who have been involved in our development as employees, patrons, friends and family. We are truly a product of our environment, and we couldn’t be more proud.